22396_fullRon Herman is an award winning educator and Chair of the Photography Department at Foothill College, where he has been teaching since 1997. He has photographed for Polo Ralph Lauren and Spiegel, and his work is included in such collections as the Fototeca de Cuba, Kinsey Institute, Snite Museum, and the South Bend Regional Museum of Art. Herman received his MFA from the University of Notre Dame, and has lectured on his work and digital imaging technologies at Cornell, Stanford, and Yale Universities.

Herman has been organizing travel tours for photo enthusiasts since 2001. Previous destinations have included: Cuba, Czech Republic, India, Ireland, Italy, Myanmar, Peru, and Spain. Cultural exchange is very important to his personal travel philosophy. When he is developing a travel tour, he tries to incorporate a variety of activities where both cultures can learn from each other, which in the end, results in a socially responsible and personally rewarding travel experience.

In 2010 he founded the Artist Exchange Program, and has been taking art enthusiasts to Cuba to engage in activities that bring artists from both countries together to share ideas and information. Upon their return, participants have mounted joint exhibitions of Cuban and American work. These exhibitions are just one link in the chain that connects American and Cuban photographers, and Ron hopes to see more creative collaborations in the future. The Palo Alto Weekly wrote a cover story called “A Changing Cuba: Cuban, Local Photographers Reveal the Heart of the Country,” that featured the 2012 trip and exhibition. Visit the other exhibition websites:


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